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St. David’s Church,  Broom Leys

“Out of the believer’s heart shall flow streams of living water”

‘Growing in Christ, living in faith’

Vicar - Revd. Andrew Rhoades

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St. David’s Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Within St. David’s there are a number of groups - or teams - who work on different areas of church life. These are Worship, Pastoral Care, Mission and Evangelism, Youth, Fabric, Fun and Fellowship, Communication and Hall Management.

These groups consist of both members of the PCC and church members who do not sit on the PCC. Each team has a coordinator who must be a member of the church council and report back to the council about the work and plans of their team.

The 2017 APCM was well attended and copies of the Annual Report are available.

During the meeting, Andy outlined our vision for the future, which he wrote about last month in this magazine.

After the APCM, the new PCC met briefly to elect a treasurer and secretary and to assign leadership roles to members. See Parish Contacts page for details.

PCC Report presented to the 2017 APCM

2016 was, as usual, a busy year at St David’s, with many opportunities to serve God, each other, and our neighbours as we tried to live out our lives as disciples of Christ.

The PCC continued to meet regularly, and to be organised into teams so that everyone could use their particular gifts, skills and interests, and combine to fulfil the whole of the church’s ministry, and be Christ's body in this place.

Click HERE for the complete report - opens a pdf file.

Chair - Rev’d Andrew Rhoades – Vicar of St. David’s

John Allwood – Verger & Deputy Churchwarden

Eileen Baldwin

Paul Bingley

Liz Blacklock

Norma Bristoll – Secretary

Bec Burton – Deanery Synod rep.

Liz Eames – Recorder

David Finney

Tara Gamble

Rev’d Neil Griffiths – Curate and Deanery & Diocesan Synod rep.

Jill Harris – Treasurer & Deputy Churchwarden

Jenny Holland

Sarah Jacklin

Alan Liggins – Deanery Synod rep.

Chris Liggins – Churchwarden

Martin Mawby

Mary Smith – Churchwarden

Ruth Twells – Deanery Synod rep.

Past Events:

Andy said that Thy Kingdom Come was well received and thanked Neil for organising the event. Picnic in the Park also went well.

Neil and Andy had a positive meeting with the Head Teacher at Castle Rock. Neil and Martin continue their involvement with the Castle Rock Academy.

Numbers at the Tillson House Service are increasing. The monthly service is to be moved to Thursday afternoon. Numbers at After School Church are steady. There were 20 children and 19 adults at a recent service.

The Ascension Day service, fireworks and food were well received.

Members of Café Church enjoyed their visit to Trentham Gardens despite the weather.

Finance and Fabric:

See the article  on page 13 for an update on the proposed Youth Worker.

Andy would like us to order Mission Praise hymn books. They cost £9.99 but we are able to order them at £4.50 each. After discussions, the PCC supported a proposal to buy 100 copies of Mission Praise, five large print editions and one music edition.

The cost of the books would be taken from ‘Capital’.  It was suggested that members of the congregation could be asked to buy a copy.

There is a budget for flowers, but contributions are not meeting the costs.  It was suggested that we put a box in the porch asking for contributions towards the cost of flowers.  

Andy said that the £1,500 grant for After School Church will be put into the Mission Partnership funds.

Roof repairs are now complete. Plastering in the Gent’s toilets in the hall is done and the carpet in the Green Room has been dried. The carpet is to be cleaned professionally.

Work on the tower should be starting soon.  Scaffolding is required and Chris is to inform the insurance company of this.


A rota is now in place for the setting up and putting away of toys in the chill out area. Mary said there were still issues: at the last service a six year old was in the area, on her own, for most of the service.  The chill out area is for babies and toddlers with their parents.


See the Vision Update article on pages 31-32 to read about progress.

Plans at Castle Rock School include helping children in year 7 with their Personal Challenge project which lasts for six sessions.  We would be looking at Charities, including local charities. New year 7 children would be invited to a lunch-time group one day per week, giving them a quiet space and the opportunity to make friends. Hopefully they might form a Christian Union in the future. We have been asked to hold three assemblies including Harvest and a Carol Service to be held in Church, in the evening, for children and their parents.

We intend to take Breathe, which is run by Leicester Cathedral, to Castle Rock School in September. It is an opportunity to think and talk about some of life’s big questions and to give the Christian prospective.  

The Bishop’s Mission will be in January 2018.  Martin is to organise a meeting of our Mission Team.

A working party is to be organised during the summer holidays to paint the kitchen and toilets.

Magazine meetings are going well, as are the website, tweets and blogs.

New leaflets about prayer triplets are to be produced in readiness for a service on September 10th to reinvigorate the scheme.  There will be a half day of prayer on 22nd July.

Members of the PCC indicated the areas in which they would want to serve. See the contacts page.

News from the June 2017 PCC Meeting